Reading Assignment #13


  1. まずは記事を読み大意を把握する。

  2. わからない単語を確認し、記事の内容を理解しながらしっかり読む。

  3. Quizに取り組む。(解答は公開されません。仲間と意見交換して適切な答えを探すのも良いでしょう)

  4. もう一度記事を読んで理解を確認する。

  5. Further studies

    • 記事のトピックについてリサーチする

    • 記事のサマリーをまとめる

    • 著者について調べる

    • 関連記事を読む

    • その他

1. nature NEWS

Article Title

2. Quiz

Answer the following questions.

1. What does biologist Rick Young mean when he says "that could not be further from the truth" in section 1?

  • a) That is very close to the truth.

  • b) That is so true.

  • c) That is not true at all.

2. According to the article, which of the following seems to be the reason why so many therapies fail to treat people although they have been found effective in laboratories?

  • a) Drug compounds evenly spread through cells.

  • b) Drug compounds can be concentrated in certain spots in cells.

  • c) Drug compounds can hardly spread through cells.

3. Which of the following is the word "ultimately" in section 3 closest in meaning to? (*Section 3: Paragraph starting with "The results challenge basic...")

  • a) primarily

  • b) finally

  • c) extremely

4. Which of the following can replace the word exploit in "exploited" from section 6?

  • a) utilize

  • b) demonstrate

  • c) extract

5. Which of the following is true about how the phenomenon of phase separation could be used to make drugs more effective?

  • a) It could help to steer drugs toward the areas where they are needed most.

  • b) It could help to metabolize drugs more quickly.

  • c) It could help to remove the harmful side effects of drugs completely.

6. Which of the following is NOT correct with respect to cisplatin?

  • a) It is a synthetic compound.

  • b) It is one of the cancer drugs the dynamics of which Young and his team examined in his study.

  • c) It is a droplet.

7. Which of the following can replace the word "ignore" in section 11? (*Section 11: Paragraph starting with "Every cancer drug we’ve examined...")

  • a) negate

  • b) disregard

  • c) misread

8. Which of the following may be the reason that the breast-cancer drug tamoxifen doesn't work as expected?

  • a) It doesn't properly settle into condensates.

  • b) The condensates that it gets into increase in size and weaken its effect.

  • c) It doesn't reach its target.

9. Which of the following is the word screen in "screening" from section 15 closest in meaning to? (*Section 15: Paragraph starting with "This is the result we need to start...")

  • a) restrict

  • b) predict

  • c) examine

10. Which of the following best describe Robert Tjian's attitude toward the use of phase separation in distributing drugs?

  • a) Unconvinced.

  • b) Hopeful.

  • c) Interested.