Reading Assignment #12


  1. まずは記事を読み大意を把握する。

  2. 語彙トレーニング(単語カード)

    • quizlet「単語カード」を利用します。英語の音声をリピートし、次に意味を確認しましょう。自分で英単語を発音することが重要です。余裕があれば「音声チャレンジ(ディクテーション・書き取り)」にもチャレンジしてみましょう。quizleへのリンク

    • 語彙リスト(フル)には4つのリーディングアサインメント全ての語彙が掲載されています。活用してください。 語彙リストへのリンク

  3. 記事の内容を理解しながらしっかり読む。

  4. Quizに取り組む。(解答は公開されません。仲間と意見交換して適切な答えを探すのも良いでしょう)

  5. もう一度記事を読んで理解を確認する。

  6. Further studies

    • 記事のトピックについてリサーチする

    • 記事のサマリーをまとめる

    • 著者について調べる

    • 関連記事を読む

    • その他

1. nature NEWS

Article Title

‘Why not sequence everything?’ A plan to decode every complex species on Earth

The Earth BioGenome Project aims to sequence 1.5 million genomes and will probably cost US$4.7 billion.

2. 語彙ディクテーション

  • ディクテーションはスマホではなくパソコンからアクセスしましょう。

3. Quiz

Answer the following questions.

1. Which of the following can best replace the word aim in "aims" from section 3?

a) intend

b) point

c) target

2. How many eukaryotes are thought to live in the United Kingdom?

a) 9,000

b) 66,000

c) 1.5 million

3. What percent of the total budget needed to complete the Earth BioGenome Project has been committed to the project so far?

a) Less than 5%

b) Approximately 20 %

c) Over 30%

4. Which of the following can the phrase "add up to" in section 6 be replaced by?

a) shift to

b) increase to

c) amount to

5. Which of the following can substitute for the word "raise" in section 6?

a) lift

b) collect

c) increase

6. Which of the following is NOT true of the Earth BioGenome Project?

a) It is going to sequence the genomes of about 1.5 million species.

b) It consists of more than 10 ongoing projects.

c) The goal of the project is to rule all the other existing projects.

7. What is one major objective of the Earth BioGenome Project?

a) To raise more than US$4.7 billion.

b) To standardize a group of existing projects.

c) To unite all the other existing projects into one mega project.

8. Which of the following is the word participant in "participants" from section 10 closest in meaning to?

a) attendant

b) colleague

c) partner

9. Which of the following is regarded as a problem with the existing genome-sequencing projects?

a) There are too many organizations engaging in sequencing genomes.

b) Organisms in some branches of the tree of life may not be covered.

c) Funds are not appropriately divided among the organizations working on genome-sequencing.

10. Which of the following is the word "cover" in section 11 closest in meaning to?

a) conceal

b) consider

c) include