Reading Assignment #11


  1. まずは記事を読み大意を把握する。

  2. 語彙トレーニング(単語カード)

    • quizlet「単語カード」を利用します。英語の音声をリピートし、次に意味を確認しましょう。自分で英単語を発音することが重要です。余裕があれば「音声チャレンジ(ディクテーション・書き取り)」にもチャレンジしてみましょう。quizleへのリンク

    • 語彙リスト(フル)には4つのリーディングアサインメント全ての語彙が掲載されています。活用してください。 語彙リストへのリンク

  3. 記事の内容を理解しながらしっかり読む。

  4. Quizに取り組む。(解答は公開されません。仲間と意見交換して適切な答えを探すのも良いでしょう)

  5. もう一度記事を読んで理解を確認する。

  6. Further studies

    • 記事のトピックについてリサーチする

    • 記事のサマリーをまとめる

    • 著者について調べる

    • 関連記事を読む

    • その他

1. nature NEWS

Article Title

Global funding for tuberculosis research hits all-time high

But investment still falls short of the US$2 billion needed each year to eliminate the disease by 2030.

2. 語彙ディクテーション

  • ディクテーションはスマホではなくパソコンからアクセスしましょう。

3. Quiz

Answer the following questions.

1. Which of the following is the word "investment" in section 2 closest in meaning to?

a) donation

b) grant

c) funding

2. By about how much is the annual financing for TB research falling short based on the 2017 figure?

a) About US$770 million.

b) About US$1.3 billion

c) About US $2 billion.

3. Which of the following is the word "prevalent" from section 5 closest in meaning to?

a) widespread

b) preventable

c) ambivalent

4. Which of the following makes today's tuberculosis research promising?

a) The fact that the investment in TB research in 2017 was one of the highest in recent years.

b) The fact that researchers know new treatments are needed for drug-resistant strains of TB and people with both TB and HIV.

c) The fact that there have been new insights into the biological mechanism of TB.

5. What is the world population, based on the WHO’s estimation of people infected with tuberculosis?

a) 7.2 billion

b) 10.0 billion

c) 18.0 billion

6. Which of the following is the word note in "notes" from section 9 closest in meaning to?

a) write down

b) remark

c) keep in mind

7. Which of the following is inferred from the passage about the current treatments of TB for children?

a) Some researchers think they are as good as they can be.

b) It takes too long to treat some cases of TB.

c) Drugs used to treat those with HIV can also be used for TB.

8. Which of the following is the word commitment in "commitment to provide more money" from section 12 closest in meaning to?

a) promise

b) arrange

c) intention

9. Which of the following is inferred about the private sector given the way it usually acts in and reacts to the market?

a) It is not making much investment in TB research because there is not much profit to be made in the market.

b) It is just waiting for better investment opportunities.

c) It will make more investment if research is done differently.

10. Which of the following can substitute for the word "lack" in section 14?

a) fortune

b) shrinkage

c) insufficiency